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Texas Campgrounds Club Galveston Inc was formed back in 1972 when a group of individuals decided to purchase land on both the Gulf side and bayside of 18101 San Luis Pass Rd and converted the land to a private RV campground club.

Since 1972 many improvements have been made to the Campgrounds including a clubhouse, pool, basketball court and horse shoe game. The Club is a non-for profit Texas Corporation. Members must be at least 21 years of age and of good moral character.  Members must pass a criminal background check and cannot be convicted of a sexually related crime requiring registration at their permanent address.  A permanent address cannot be a rental ie BNB ect. 

The Club holds title to the Campground land and pays annual property taxes. Members do not receive a property deed. Ownership is evidence by a Membership Certificate which gives the member the exclusive use of his or her lot as long as he/she is in good standing with the Club and annual dues have been paid.

There are 300 lots in the Campground. A member owning one lot is effectively a 1/300th owner of the Club.

All Transfers of memberships must be handled through the Club Treasurer. All forms and necessary documents will be provided by the Club. All membership transfers require a $200.00 transfer fee which is paid directly to the Campground.  TCC cannot be used for a permanent residence by law and members must have a current permanent physical address on file with the Club.

The Club is managed by a seven member Board of Directors

The Board's Authority is limited to handling the daily operations of the Campgrounds. It has no authority to raise annual dues, to mortgage  or sell Club assets, etc. Such actions must be approved by the general membership.

Travel trailers are limited to current length, width and height requirements and must have current registration in order to be moved onto club grounds.  Trailers ,may not be placed sideways.  They can be placed backwards.

Decks, Trailer covers and Storage Buildings are limited in size and permits must be approved by the City of Galveston and also by the State of Texas if the lot is within 1,000 feet of the established beach vegetation line.

Club annual dues are currently $1200.00 per year for each member lot and are due by January 31 of each year.

Types allowed:  Travel trailers, Fifth Wheels and Park Models with a maximum length of 44 feet and width of 8'6"
Height allowed:  Travel Trailers, Park Models & Fifth Wheels 13' 5" (as measured from ground to crown of roof)
Types not allowed:  Cargo trailers, boat trailers, "other" as listed on a title, motorhomes, diesel pushers, anything with an engine, mini homes, mobile homes, "shipping crate conversions", or anything else that doesn't have "travel trailer" listed on the title.

Current trailers are grandfathered with regards setback rules and do not have to be brought up to current setback rules for any sale where they are not moved.  Any new trailer brought in must be 5 feet away from side lot lines and 5 feet from the back lot lines and inside the front lot line including tongue.  Tongues may be removed, and trailers may be placed backwards on with regards to front and back lot lines to accommodate existing structures.  Trailers cannot be placed sideways in a space. 

All trailers are required to be maintained in good repair. 

Decks:  Max height is 12', max size is 500 square feet.  Must be 5 feet from lot lines.  Must have gutters to the ground if roofed.

RV covers:  Max size is 10' by 40' and max height is 18'.  Has to be 5 feet from lot lines and must have gutters installed to the ground.

Storage buildings:  Max size is 100 square feet, and they have to be 18" off the ground.  They also have to be 6 feet from any other structure and 3 feet from the lot lines.  Gutters not required.

Fences:  can be built on lot lines or inside of member's lot lines.  Must be 50% open and no more than 6' high. 

No ATVs or UTVs are allowed.

Repairs are defined as 50% or less of a complete replacement. 

Permits are required for new construction of structures or repairs over 50% of replacement.  State permits are required for lots south of the Clubhouse or within 1000 feet of mean high tide lines.

Concrete slabs are limited to 10' by 40' and require a city permit and engineered drawing.  Slabs within 1000' of the beach required a separate permit from the state and must be poured in 4' by 4' sections with no rebar.  Instead, fibercrete is required.

Members must be 21 or more years old. 

You cannot rent out or sublet your membership.  Guests have to be registered.  No "BNB"  type rentals are allowed.

TCC cannot be your permanent residence.  Permanent residences cannot be BNB type rentals, even part time. 

Your membership does not include a property deed.

Dues are $1200 per year.  They include access to the pool, the club house bathrooms and showers, water and septic.  A dumpster is provided near the end of the north section for trash.

Generators are not allowed in camp unless power to the whole camp is down and it's an emergency.

Maximum member concurrent stay is limited to 90 days, per the bylaws.  We don't allow fulltimers.  No exceptions.