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Started by Monty, Sep 19, 2023, 11:31 AM

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Hello fellow Campgrounds Club Members,
Our next general membership meeting will be held on Saturday, October 7th at 10AM at the northside clubhouse.  An agenda is included with this email along with a proxy form for voting.  On the agenda is information about our proposed sewer plant including engineering, costs, timelines, and funding.  The next step in this process is funding an offer for the 5 acres of land this will take and a utility easement.  This package has taken quite a bit of time to build, and we now have a way forward on this issue.  Attendance is encouraged but voting by proxy is available for those not able to make it to the meeting in person.
Curtis Koch is running unopposed for the open BOD position in charge of entertainment.  All other BOD positions are unopposed.

Sincerely, your BOD,

President:  Monty Weeks 832-557-8561 (voice and text) (most email messages returned same or next day) General questions, help & also website issues or help.

Vice President:  Paul Guidry 713-726-4045 (text only please)  Building permits, and questions. Bylaws review.

Treasurer: Ron Beeson 281-924-0526

Security:  Will Roland N39 Main # 713-208-5750. Alt # 713-515-2222

Entertainment: Cyndi Anderson

Beautification: Elizabeth Simpson 936-291-5530

New Membership: Jamie Reed 281-687- 6582

Maintenance, Patrick:  903-263-9873 Tim:  409-370-3001
Texas Campgrounds Club member meeting agenda
October 7th, 2023, 10 AM start at the North Side Club House
1.   Opening prayer
2.   Update on Septic improvements (figures provided by Steven Ward and Jerry Ince with Ward, Getz and Assoc, civil and sanitary engineers).

Land Needed: 330' by 550' on rear NW corner behind Campground and a 5' utility easement to the bay for drainage of 6" to 8" pipe (output from plant). $300,000-market pricing.

Plant style-Packaged sewer plant 5000 Gallons per day capacity.  $260,000

Funding:  Land-$1000 assessment. Sewer plant: TBD
Funds on hand: Projected carryover from 2023 $124,800 ($60,000 from dues increase)

Build times:  1-2 years to obtain permits, 1 to 1.5 years to build out. 2 to 4 years total

Second (spare sewer line) line under 3005.  $7700 plus engineering fees and permit fees (funded from general fund)
3.   BOD presentations
4.   Votes:  Land purchase, and golf cart parking by pool fence along shoulder of road by pool
5.   Old and new business.

Proxy vote form


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This is a pic of the proposed golf cart parking area.  It's the shoulder between the orange stake and the white pole. Parking would be parallel.  The clearance for fire trucks, ect is 10 feet and the road is 20 feet wide with a 2' 6" shoulder with the carts hanging over about a foot.


I will post the actual ballot next week.  On the property, the assessment would come due within 60 days of the closing date which can be anywhere to 1 to 12 months.  All I am asking for at this point is that when I make an offer, and it gets accepted, that payment on the assessment would then come due.  Longer we wait to do this, the more it's going to cost.  This same land two years ago was 1/2 the price of what it is today.